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Our team of experts provide the best deployment solutions post analysing the requirements of our customer and evaluating client's infrastructure and the gaps in it. Moreover, they are highly experienced with multiple technologies with their respective hardware components to guide through the selection and implementation phases for cyber security solutions.


We have various cyber security solutions with its implementation for all types of organisations with any type of complexity. A team of experts with great knowledge of implementation recommends the most suitable and apt technology and hardware to the client.

Annual Maintenance Services

Zoffec Infotech has a dedicated team of professionals which provide support ( 24 x 7 ) to all types of operations and offer prompt and rather efficient resolutions to the issues reported by the clients. We also have onsite engineers to the rescue if the situation demands.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation allows organisations to maintain control on the project by simply selecting a team, deciding on the team head, and delegating the work in accordance to the deliverables. Zoffec's Staff Augmentation involves participating with third-party security experts and advisors on as - needed basis. This allows customisation of a team that meets businesses needs.

Professional Services

Professional services are those services which we provide for specific projects and these services are handled by a qualified team of our Experts. We provide B2B services also, so if our B2B client requires a technical support for the client, we provide that support on their behalf. Zoffec Infotech's IT Expert have great knowledge backed by years of experience in professional services.

Managed Security Services

Managed security services (MSS) are a set of services which we provide to monitor and manage the security devices, systems, and operations. It is mandatory and necessary for every organisation to manage and protect their Security systems by the professionals. Zoffec Infotech is a service provider of MSS to monitor and manage your IT Infrastructure’s security 24x7. Also, with this management process we protect endpoints, assets, network and data from exfiltration, breach, and other cybersecurity events as organizations scale and compete.